Capshaw Road
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These are some of our favorite things. Things we are passionate about. Things that make us happy, and/or make us laugh.

Incredible blues and rock and roll from our good friend and high school reunion band-mate.
The man is a blues-man from the old school, of this there is no doubt!
Please give a listen.  It is awesome stuff!!


As you saw on our photo gallery, we like to visit the local retirement home (Morningside Of Madison) and play some really-old oldies for the residents there. We receive just as much as we give there, trust me. There are some truly wonderful men and women residing there, and they sing along wonderfully.

We are serious fans of really good percussion, and you just can't go wrong with Gretsch drum kits and Roland digital drums. Bob-approved!!

Capshaw Road is passionate about delivering clear and pleasing harmonies.
We count on Shure mic's to carry the load, and to make us sound really good.

Jeff Lynne, ELO
The man is a musical genius, and his work in and out of ELO has been exceptional.
(OK, this was not necessarily a band favorite, but rather one of John's. Whatever. Jeff rocks.)

Dogs and Cats

We are all animal lovers here in Capshaw Road. We take on strays. We spay and neuter.
The ASPCA loves us.
Please support your local animal shelter.

Lauren Tomasella Photography
World-class photography, and well worth your investment.
Please call or email her for your next event, wedding, party, or retirement ceremony.
Lauren adds a touch of class to whatever you hope to achieve.