Capshaw Road
Fun rock and roll, played loudly.
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Capshaw Road group member background stories

Stacey Sparkman – Vocals,  bass guitar, guitar, keyboards, drums.

Stacey was raised on a steady diet of 1960’s and 1970’s television. An original member of The Archies, Stacey’s playing hearkens to the days of tie-died trousers and impossibly large afro’s. He once dated Marcia Brady and Laurie Partridge, pretty much at the same time. His ambition is to sing the national anthem from aboard the International Space Station.


John Sparkman – Vocals, guitar, bass guitar, and ukulele.

John is ‘that guy’, the one who nearly entertains at parties by knowing the beginnings of a hundred songs, but forgetting to learn the middle and the endings. His goal of becoming a world-class motocross champion was dashed by the realization that he is neither fast, nor competitive. John is a dachshund rancher in his spare time.


Lisa Oneal – Vocals.

Lisa was raised in Europe in the 1980’s. Nobody knows exactly which country, but she is fluent in German, Finnish, Albanian, and Portuguese. Her English, on the other hand, is not so good. She loves to sing in the shower, and in fact, has built a small studio in there.  (Photos to follow next month.) Her hobbies include painting, ceramics, and collecting small yapper-dogs.


Bob Fillman – Drums, bass guitar.

Bob is an accomplished drummer and a former 18-wheel long-haul truck driver. (He was fired for constantly coming back with only 17 wheels.) Briefly a paramour of Stevie Nicks in the 1980's, Bob is a romantic and frequent wanderer. Sometimes he wanders off in the middle of a song, and we have to go hunt him down so we can finish. A champion archer, he once taught Kevin Costner how to shoot the bow and arrow for the movie Robin Hood.  


David Roper - Bass guitar, vocals.

David is an eclectic and generous musician. So generous in fact, he often gives away his lunch, and then later has to bum potato chips and cold fried chicken from Bob the drummer. David is a master of the 'pop and slap' style of thumping bass guitar.  His playing is so percussive that it is banned in three States, and has a restrainer-order against it in fifteen other Counties. 

David is a practicing nudist, but his modesty dictates that he wear jeans and a t-shirt at most gigs, albeit in mild protest. He's a Sagittarius. 

Working it.

Singing it like he stole it.
Playing it.
And yeah...

He stole it.
Singing it.
In a delightfully-quirky manner.
Like Karen Carpenter, only with an edge.
Thumping to the rhythm of his inner-caveman.
But sweet, like a kind and benevolent mailman.

Living the good life, and enjoying the sunset.